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Many Babies do not know what to expect from a Sugar Daddy, other than financial aid. So in today’s post we will tell you the habits that our Daddies have, what places they usually travel, what they like to eat and what sports they practice. This whole article was written based on interviews that we conducted with the users of our website, so you can trust and enjoy chatting already knowing what they like.

1 – Travels

As they almost always work in offices, it is notable that the vast majority of Daddies, when asked about travel, prefer warm, sunny places and outdoor activities. As for the location, they vary from European summer to paradisiacal islands and northeastern Brazil. We also asked if they expect their Babies to accompany them on these trips, and of course, the answer was positive, so prepare the sunscreen and have fun!

2 – Food

A factor that is already expected when you win a Sugar Daddy are the dinners that he will take you to, in addition to refined environments, Daddies appreciate tasty foods that will impress you. For a perfect dinner they answered that the dishes would be: ceviche, paella, fish, good cuts of meat or Italian pasta. All of this well accompanied by wine to harmonize with each dish.

3 – Sports

Our Daddies are very focused on the physical part of their Babies and on their own, so they don’t give up playing sports, from the classics to the most unusual. They enjoy daily gym, running and cycling activities outdoors, in parks and beaches, tennis, golf and even horseback riding.

4 – What draws attention in SBs

Finally, we ask which filters they use most and what they notice when they search for a Sugar Baby. The answers were varied, after all, everyone has their own tastes, but everyone emphasized the smile, the importance of a neat, sincere profile, with good texts, full of photos, and believe me, even good Portuguese is a factor that leads them to send a message to a Baby, so stay tuned and increase your profile.

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