Your second chance at MeuPatrocínio

Mayara (Admin)

You got to know MeuPatrocínio, registered and entered our waiting list. But then you remembered that you just added a photo and filled your description with emojis. This can greatly affect your chances in the queue, and it is only possible to edit the profile after approval. Well, it used to be like this, but now there is the Second Chance, where you can edit your profile, both photos and texts, and thus improve your approval speed.

But how should these photos be?

In this post we gave tips on how the photos should be. It is also important to pay attention to what is allowed or not. Under no circumstances use pictures or pictures that are not yours or that do not show your face.

Take advantage of this chance to add the 3 possible photos, even though it is not mandatory to send three, this quantity allows more chances to show who you are and what you enjoy doing, and all this helps you to get off the waiting list, and also to win your Daddy.

What about text fields?

We also have a post dedicated especially to the subject. When editing, try to emphasize your reality and what you really want from a Sugar relationship, adding a few things may not be a good idea, but you don’t need to fill the field with vague, inaccurate information or talk about it more. The text is your differential, in MeuPatrocínio Daddies read the other profiles before deciding if they really want to start a conversation with Baby or not.

The data must also be filled in correctly, no lying about age, habits or if you have children. Honesty and transparency are the basis of the Sugar relationship, never forget.

How do I get this Second Chance?

Simple, just send an email to and put in the subject “Second Chance”, our team will perform the procedure and you will be informed that your profile is already able to be edited and after being edited, your changes will go through analyze. We hope your new chance is successful.

Did you have any questions about this new MyPatrocínio feature? Comment there that soon I will clarify everything 😘



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